Walbottle Village gardening group

Making Walbottle Accessible

Walbottle is a beautiful place to live for most, but for some the task of leaving the house to catch a bus or just to post a letter can be challenging.

The WVT&RA have been working with local residents and the Council to try to overcome some of the most obvious difficulties. These include tree roots damaging pavement surfaces causing a trip hazard for our elderly residents and lack of drop curbs making it difficult for wheelchair users to get around the village

 We have had some success with the Council visiting the village to listen to residents concerns and suggesting changes. Everything we would wish cannot be done immediately as money is tight but at least we have brought the subject to the attention of the Council and they have created a plan to improve accessibility around the village.


  • Resurface pavements damaged by tree roots.
  • Remove bollards from The Paddock to Grove road to allow wheelchair access
  • Increase the number of dropped curbs around the village

Impact / achivements

  • Pavement resurfaced near forge walk
  • Bollard removed
  • Still waiting for dropped curbs
Walbottle Dene
A brick from Walbottle brickworks